Electric rollers and modules

Electric rollers are an essential part of most conveyor systems in production, dispatch warehouses or distribution centres. They are used in roller conveyors as well as in belt conveyors.


ITOH DENKI Power Moller electric cylinders are the main component of the transfer modules, whose main features are innovation, modularity and safety. No tyres are needed, 24V drive cylinders control all lifting and transfer operations. The modules fit into existing motorised roller conveyor frames. More information on the modules can be found here.

The main advantages:

  • Low building height
  • External circuit board control
  • No need for PLC or with the option to connect to a PLC
  • In combination with a PLC, allows pulse signal control
  • 90° transfer, non-contact accumulation, pass-through
  • Selectable speed - acceleration/deceleration
  • IP54, IP55 and IP65 protection and use up to -30 °C
  • Low volume and safe operation
  • Flexible and modular design - allowing easy expansion or rebuilding
  • Suitable for very demanding operation - up to 1,800 starts per hour

Download the catalogue with electric cylinders and accessories here.

Since the introduction of the Power Moller© range of electric rollers in 1978, the Japanese company Itoh Denki has been a pioneer and leading manufacturer in the field of electric rollers drive technology. The uniqueness of Itoh Denki's Power Moller© range of electric rollers stems from the design of the motor, gearbox and shock absorber and their integration into the electric roller shell.

Throughout the entire production process, from design, to production, to delivery to the market, Itoh Denki continuously innovates its products based on industry demands for productivity and competitiveness. Itoh Denki offers innovative products that contribute to operational safety, better working conditions, and respect for the environment.

The electric drive cylinders provide many benefits, such as:

Quick return on investment More Info
  • Simple design (no additional power transmission elements)
  • Energy efficient solution
Reliability More Info
  • Experience in the manufacture of electric motors since 1946
  • Power Moller© electric motors are recognised in all areas of industry
  • Electric cylinder design with shock absorber
Minimal maintenance requirements More Info
  • Durable lubrication of bearings and gearbox
  • No additional power transmission components requiring maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
Space saving More Info
  • No additional power transmission components
  • No protective covers
  • Compact design (everything integrated in the cylinder)
  • Ideal for conveyor construction
Safety/environmental More Info
  • No oil and lubricant leaks
  • No central drive unit
  • Low voltage 24V
Renovation More Info
  • Possibility to motorise non-powered conveyors (production of rollers in the required length)
Flexibility/modularity More Info
  • No central drive unit
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy modification of roller tracks

ITOH DENKI electric cylinders - the engine of your success