Air cushion sets for moving machines

Discover the power of air with an air cushion set! The air cushion sets are useful, for example, when moving machines in production. However, they are particularly useful for repeated use by companies involved in moving and handling machinery and oversized loads, for which they offer completely new transport possibilities compared to conventional technology.

The cushions allow the load to be rotated on the spot, easily turned and settled to within 1 mm. Handling of heavy loads is easy and safe thanks to the air cushions.

The set contains all the essential parts needed for transporting heavy loads on air cushions. This makes it the ideal starter set. For more information regarding load capacities, dimensions and other details, please refer to our catalogue here here. Sets can be configured with any type of airbag.

The set consists of the following parts

Air cushions More Info

Choose the type of cushion depending on the specific application (more here)

The sets come in two types:

  • Type ST - the set does not include hoses to the individual cushions or a supply hose, the cushions are not fitted with a support plate. These sets are therefore designed for permanent mounting on a machine, transport vehicle, etc.
  • Type TS – complete set including all hoses, the cushions are equipped with support plates. The cushions are not permanently attached to the machine, they are inserted under the load to be moved and removed again when the load is moved. The set is therefore suitable for moving different types of loads, designed for repeated use. It can be used by moving companies or in companies where machines or loads are frequently moved in production.

The set consists of either 4 or 6 pieces of cushions. Set ST consists of cushions type A...N (from A20N to A50N). They have a load capacity of 800 to 7 200 kg. Set TS consists of type A or B cushions. They have a load capacity of 4 t to 480 t.

Plates with support segments More Info

Modular plates help to transfer air from the air hose to the cushion diaphragm, at the same time the load is placed on them. They are only part of the TS set.

The plastic support segments mount on the aluminum plates and protect the air cushions when they are in an inactive state.

Pressure regulator More Info

Adjusts the flow of air from the compressor to the individual cushions.

The pressure can be manually adjusted for each air cushion separately, allowing us to regulate their stroke and adjust to the load centre of gravity.

Hoses More Info

As standard, hoses are only included with TS sets, they are not supplied with ST sets. The inlet hose connects the compressor to the air regulator and is available in any length and with different diameters, but taking into account the required flow rate (more here).

The hose is supplied in 10 m length as standard.

Supply hoses from the regulator to the individual cushions are supplied as follows:

  • 2 × 3 m hoses
  • 2 × 5 m hoses
  • 2 × 7 m hoses (only for sets with six cushions)