Alexander Helis, Robotec "In ATC Drašar, we have found a reliable partner for belt and roller conveyors and also for our palletizing workplaces. Our specific requirements have always been addressed with the utmost regard for functionality and reliability."
TORF ZIEGLER spol. s.r.o. "ATC Drašar designed and supplied us with equipment for automatic packaging of products (folding a box from a cardboard cutout, filling the box with products, inserting instructions for use, closing and sealing the box, taping the box). The deployment of the equipment has increased the efficiency of our production process."
Hana Pušecová, MSM, spol. s.r.o. "We have chosen ATC Drašar for the roller tracks, where we appreciate not only their friendly behaviour. They came, proposed a solution, and started the installation on a weekend to minimize downtime of the warehouse and the dispatch of goods. They did a great job, everything works, we are extremely satisfied. I recommend ATC Drašar."
Petr Volfík, KD TEC s.r.o. "Excellent cooperation from design to implementation of the pallet roller tracks in the warehouse, including subsequent service repairs and modifications."
Futaba Czech s.r.o. "Our company required roller conveyor for the transfer and transport of materials between production processes. We highly appreciated the approach, meeting the requirements according to the specified parameters, meeting the delivery deadline and the quality of the conveyors with a long service life even under maximum load. We are very satisfied with the delivered conveyors."

Our Work

Moving a machine tool
Workplace fencing
Pallet shifters and roller conveyor - buffer for wheel transport
Transport of the equipment
Transport of the machine
Ball units tables
Modular sorter
Pallet rails
Kanban workplace
90° slide with pneumatic pressure
Sorting line with slide open gate passages
Production line with packer for transport of peat wraps
Moving a machine tool
Moving unassembled line in cleanroom