Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are designed for transporting piece products, boxes and pallets. They can also be used as accumulation section, curve or right angle conveyor.

Powered conveyors

Conveyor with the electric rollers is very quiet and safe, with lower energy consumption, flexible and modular, allowing a wide range of applications. We use electric rollers from the industry leader, the Japanese manufacturer ITOH DENKI, powered by 24V DC. These rollers can be controlled without a PLC using an external control board, have a low build height, easily adjustable speed and are also suitable for very demanding operation, as they allow up to 1,800 starts per hour.

Unpowered conveyors

The movement of non-powered roller conveyors is provided by the inclination of the conveyor (gravity force), handling technology or manual displacement. They are used for the transport of plate material, in package handling or as buffer transport of product.

Another type are pallet tracks for transporting wooden, plastic and metal pallets. Handling equipment (for example a forklift truck when stacking pallets on the track in a FIFO system) or manual drive is used as a drive.

Gravity driven Chain drive Electric rollers
The cheapest solution Higher load capacity Low building height
No electrification required More robust design Control via external control board
Lower costs No PLC required, PLC output
One drive for longer tranfer 90° transfer, non-contact accumulation, passage
Suitable for worse working conditions Selectable speed - acceleration/deceleration
IP54, IP55 and IP65 protection and use up to -30 °C
Low loudness
Safe operation
Flexible and modular, allow easy expansion or rebuilding
Pulse signal
Suitable for very sophisticated operations - up to 1,800 switchings per hour

Every conveyor is a great conveyor... when it's from ATC Drašar.