Rollers and pulleys

Conveyor rollers are the basic building blocks of roller conveyors, roller rails and gravity racks. They are available in various tube designs - plastic, galvanized, steel and stainless steel. The rollers can be equipped with a coating made of PVC, rubber, toflex, PUR Vulkolan, PUR RIM, PU Baytec Natural or Teflon. The cylinders are also supplied with a knuckle to guide the product or semi-finished product to be transported.

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There are several designs of shaft ends - spring shaft with cylindrical end, end with flats, cylindrical end, male thread with fitting, male thread with nut or female thread.

The pulleys used in universal pulley rails are available in plastic, steel, thermoplastic rubber coated pulleys, PU coated pulleys. Special brush pulleys with bristles around the roller circumference or omnidirectional pulleys are also available.

Further information and specifications can be found in the conveyor components catalogue here.