Aluminium profiles

Advantages and applications of aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles offer you almost unlimited design possibilities, a flexible system and a wide range of applications. Compared to steel structures, welding, cutting and painting are eliminated. The high standardisation of processes and products leads to shorter planning, design and assembly times. The technology enables repeated use. As a result, it saves not only time but also costs.

Aluminium structural profiles are mainly used in mechanical engineering and machine manufacturing for the construction of conveyors, machine frames or racks.

Thanks to the wide range of individual profiles, they are also a design and reliable construction element in the construction of fences and protective enclosures for machines and workplaces.

You can also use the profiles when equipping a workshop or office for the production of assembly and office tables, cabinets, stands, stairs, handrails and platforms.

They are widely used for stands and support structures for exhibitions and displays, where their ease of assembly, dismantling and reuse is particularly useful. This saves significantly on the cost of booth constructions.

A comprehensive selection of profiles, fasteners and other accessories ensures maximum flexibility and reliability of aluminium structures. Whatever your requirements for load capacity, torque, ease of assembly or design, our wide range will meet all your requirements.

Aluminium constructions

In addition to conveyor systems, aluminium profiles have a wide range of applications in the construction of protective enclosures for robots, machines and conveyor lines, ergonomic workbenches, office equipment, platforms, stairs, railings, racks or transport trolleys - the number of applications is truly endless.

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Aluminium profiles from ATC Drašar

ATC Drašar is the official distributor of aluminium profiles from the German manufacturer Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH. The robust and flexible aluminium profiles supplied by us are manufactured from high quality alloy with an extremely durable anodised finish.

They are characterised by a radius of just one millimetre, which allows for a smooth connection of the individual parts and a perfectly clean and attractive design. The extensive selection of design elements ensures optimal functionality and ergonomics in workplaces and workshops. The aluminium profiles can also be combined with aluminium system profiles from other manufacturers.

In addition to profiles, we supply a wide range of accessories - fasteners, angles, hinges, handles, brackets. All the necessary equipment to create and construct to your liking.

We offer more than 200 types of high quality system profiles divided into five profile series according to dimensions 25, 40, 50 and 60 mm and tubular profiles with a diameter of 28 mm. And also a range of special profiles for cleanrooms, foam profiles and application profiles.

Advantages of aluminium structural profiles

  • System flexibility provides virtually endless design possibilities
  • No welding, cutting or painting required compared to steel structures
  • Extensive accessories
  • Design of ergonomic industrial workplaces, efficient and functional security of systems and machines through covers and protective mesh
  • High standardisation of processes and products to reduce planning, design and assembly times
  • Robust and reliable profiles are made of high-quality aluminium alloy with an extremely durable anodised finish
  • Standard screws are used for fasteners. The technology allows for repeated use
  • The minimum edge radius (1 mm) ensures a smooth connection of the individual profiles and a clean appearance
  • Aluminium profiles can also be combined with profiles from other manufacturers

Individual profile series and their typical applications

D28 series profiles

Tubular profiles with a diameter of 28 mm for workstations, supply trolleys, light frames or shelves.

Series 25 profiles

25x25 mm profiles for light frames, enclosures, test assemblies, measuring and testing equipment and electronics enclosures.

40 Series Profiles

40x40 mm profiles for conveyor construction, lighter machine frames, protective enclosures, assembly workstations, display structures and work platforms.

50 Series Profiles

Profiles with dimensions 50x50 mm for heavy machine frames, frames with high static loads and support structures.

Series 60 profiles

Profiles with dimensions 60x60 mm for machine frames with the heaviest loads or gantries replacing steel structures.

Profiles for clean rooms

Profiles with a smooth and closed surface for construction in cleanroom conditions.

Foam profiles

Foam-filled profiles are used as columns and beams for gantries and machine frames with high loads, wide spans or vibration.

Application profiles

Profiles for specific applications such as conveyor frames, linear guides, sliding doors or panel fixings for safety enclosures.