Aluminium constructions

Kromě dopravníkových systému mají hliníkové profily široké využití při konstrukci ochranného krytování robotů, strojů a dopravníkových linek, ergonomických pracovních stolů, vybavení kanceláří, plošin, schodů, zábradlí, regálů nebo transportní vozíky — množství aplikací je skutečně nepřeberné.

„The use of high-quality profiles and fasteners allows us to create reliable and design-perfect structures. All our structures, from simple trolleys to complex platforms, are characterised by high strength, stability and a guarantee of safe operation.“

In production we use aluminium profiles from the German company Maschinenbau Kitz, which we officially represent in the Czech Republic. These robust profiles are manufactured from high quality alloy with an extremely durable anodised finish. They have a radius of just one millimetre, which allows perfectly smooth connection of the individual parts and a perfectly clean design.

„Whatever your requirements in terms of performance, safety or design, our wide range will meet all your wishes.“

We classify aluminium profile structures into three categories:

  • Fencing and protective enclosures for machines, conveyors and assembly sites
  • Equipment for workplaces such as workshops, assembly plants, offices - assembly and office tables, trolleys, cabinets or stands
  • Stairs, handrails, platforms

Fencing and protective enclosures

Fencing and protective enclosures are one of the basic elements for protecting operators on machines and conveyors from the point of view of occupational safety. At ATC Drašar we have a wide range of construction modules, swing, sliding or lifting doors, lining and accessories for electrical guarding.

Enclosures can be made of plexiglass, mesh, sheet metal and other materials - with our products you can be sure that the safety features in your workplace will be suitable in every operation.

The flexibility of aluminium profiles allows for changes as well as possible further expansion - as your company grows.

„With fencing and enclosures from ATC Drašar, you have the guarantee of reliable health and safety protection in accordance with European machinery directives.“

Workshop and assembly areas

Workstations, workshop and assembly tables, office equipment - whether it's a standard solution or a tailor-made solution for your operation, with equipment from ATC Drašar you will maximise functionality and ergonomics, streamline production and reduce costs.

Our products feature a stable and reliable construction, and can be complemented by a wide range of accessories - the assembly table adapts electronically or manually in height to the needs of the worker when changing shifts, tables can be equipped with bottle holders, drawings, monitor, tool or laser scanner holders, steps, racks and hanging cabinets.

„Our products for workshop and assembly workstations can be supplemented with pneumatic, electronic, hydraulic elements or various sensors. For example, the profiles can house air lines for pneumatic tools such as a tightener or blow gun, significantly increasing the ergonomic layout of the workplace and the safety of workers at the same time.“

Stairs, handrails, platforms

Our products in this section include safe accesses, platforms and stairs for production, assembly and storage areas, tailored to maximise the safety of your operation.


Using a variety of aluminium profile construction elements, you can easily create flexible handrails ideally suited to individual requirements. Ergonomic handrails comply with safety regulations and standards.


Extremely light and stable aluminium profile stairs ensure safe and comfortable access in warehouses, workshops and industrial workplaces. The profiles used have an anti-slip surface structure. The use of screws in the construction makes any mechanical adjustments superfluous. The stairs comply with all safety guidelines and regulations for stair construction.


From standard work platforms to transitions of complex assembly and maintenance platforms, we offer elements usable as equipment for industrial premises, machinery and equipment. Platforms are adaptable in size and height to spatial conditions. They can be equipped with swivel joints, height adjustment, fixed or swivel wheels or air cushions. Thanks to a multiple range of profiles, we create platforms exactly according to your wishes and needs.


3D konfigurátor – utilita pro navrhování ochranného krytování

Zdarma si můžete sami nahrnout ochranné krytování pomocí online utility 3D konfigurátoru (link na spodek stránky), který výrazně snižuje náklady na projektování díky úspoře času konstruktéra, a v databázi nabízí veškeré dostupné prvky pro konstrukci ochranného krytování.

Rychlé a jednoduché navrhování pomocí 3D konfigurátoru od společnosti Maschinenbau Kitz. Sami si můžete zdarma nahrnout své ochranné krytování – 3D konfigurátor výrazně snižuje náklady na projektování díky úspoře času konstruktéra. 3D konfigurátor má další benefity

  • Bez nutnosti znalosti systému CAD ani CAD
  • Navrhování na třech osách s intuitivním vedením uživatele
  • Velký výběr variant obložení a dveří
  • Možnost importu DXF
  • Export 3D výkresů do formátů IGES, STEP a JPEG
  • Automatické generování kusovníků, nářezového plánu a odhadované hmotnosti
3D Configurator